The criminal justice system is comprised of law enforcement, the judicial system, the correctional system, and social services. The purpose and nature of criminal law is to provide a basis for social control in America. Community corrections focus on rehabilitation after a criminal law is violated. Members of society and members of the criminal justice system can work together to reduce the risk to the community. Several alternatives to incarceration can impact victims, society and the criminal justice system. Nonviolent criminals can benefit from alternative sanctions, and the community can benefit from rehabilitating offenders. As community corrections becomes a main focus of society, law enforcement may experience a dilemma in defining appropriate roles.

Victim participation in the criminal justice system is limited in nature; however, the Victim’s Bill of Rights provides important protections. Many states have incorporated the rights into their constitutions; however, some states have yet to adopt them. I believe the correctional system will face several issues when incarcerating women. Women have more special needs than men when incarceration is involved. Most females commit crimes that involve drugs or alcohol, may have been sexually abused in the past, and may have mental health issues. Ethical issues are apparent in all aspects of the criminal justice system. Legal ethics are also examined. Lawyers and prosecutors have an ethical duty to clients, and they can be both pure legal advocates and moral agents. Ethical issues in law enforcement and corrections are analyzed. The lethal use of force is an important issue in law enforcement, and the use of private prisons is important an important ethical issue in corrections. Finally, Allen Pinkerton proved a great investigator uses his knowledge, training, and experience to solve crimes. Today, criminal investigations are often portrayed in the media as high-tech adventures in a culturally inept society. Contemporary television shows, such as CSI, paint a false depiction of the investigative process.

Please explore my thoughts concerning different topics within the criminal justice system.

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