Lighthouse Meals


Lighthouse Meal’s mission is to provide needy families with hot, quality meals.  We believe hot meals are the center of a family, and the family is important for health and welfare.  We provide our services in Christ’s name, and we bless our meals after they are made.  Our mission is to further the kindness and love of Jesus Christ, and to honor his request of our people.  What we do for needy families, we do for Christ.  He will guide our decisions and our blessings.

Our Plans

Lighthouse meals is in beginning stages.  We hope to raise funds to become a 501(c)(3), and we are working towards that goal.  We are beginning our efforts by choosing four families to prepare a hot meal for, once a month, one family a week.  This mission includes four prepared meals with an appetizer, main entree, a dessert, and juice/tea delivered to homes.  We hope to choose our four families soon, and we will begin our work.  As we grow, we hope to service more families, and eventually, we hope to open a restaurant where families may come to eat a hot meal.  Family is very important to everyone, and every family should have one night a month to gather at a restaurant and share memories.  We hope to provide this venue.

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